The platform and technological suit equipped with body sensors for online workout
What is MyoFit?
Innovative Suit
Comfortable elastic suit with built-in sensors captures every User's movement and muscle tension
Mobile App
The platform that is connected to the suit tracks the statistics and helps Users to communicate with fitness Instructors
CRM & BI System
We provide client management and analytics platform for gyms
How does it work?
The User puts the suit on, activates the workout mode using web or mobile application and then starts doing exercises according to one of the special workout programs or under Instructor's supervision. The camera transmits the video to the Instructor whose video also displays on User's screen. The platform analyzes the videostream in real time, captures User's movements, counts the number of sets and checks if the exercises are done correctly.

The user can interact with the Instructor via videochat as well as to receive voice or visual feedback from the device. The suit records data and transmits it to the platform and also gives feedback via vibration or electrical stimulation. The Instructor supervises the workout process and gives advices to the User. The Instructor receives User's video and data from both the Suit and video recognition system.

When the workout is finished, the platform collects such data as video, statistics, recommendations and suggestions which can be viewed viа smartphone or other device later.

User's benefits
The workout quality
MyoFit helps you to improve the accuracy of your exercises
You can't go wrong with MyoFit - the suit will immediately notify you if the exercises are not being done correctly
Accurate statistics of your body and muscles performance gives you and your Instructor a coherent picture of the progress
The lockdown is not a problem
Now home workouts can be of the same quality as personal training at the gym
Instructor's Benefits
The workout accuracy
The main problem of remote workouts is now solved: while regular trainings via videochat can be ruined due to the low video quality, the MyoFit helps you to track client's movements in real time via mobile or web application
Workout Programs
You will be able not only to supervise your current clients, but also upload your own workout programs to MyoStore and find new ones
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